Algonquin bomb scare suspect is from Southborough

According to Metrowest Daily News, the juvenile suspect in yesterday’s bomb scare that evacuated Algonquin is from Southborough. Police have not released the suspect’s name.

Northborough police intend to press charges against the teen who admited he was responsible for the hand-written note which he also said was a hoax.

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14 years ago

Somehow this doesn’t surprise me as much as it should considering the hit list threats on students that occurred last year. Wake up people you can no longer pretend these things do not happen just because we are not an inner city school.

Get involved in your kids life, ask questions, pry we are their parents not their friends and you can’t be both so why try. Talk to one another be a community don’t you remember the neighbors calling your house before you hit the door step if you did something wrong. Our kids do not have a sense of someone is always watching as we did and they sorely need it.

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