Two weeks until election day, do you know who’s on the ballot?

I’m going to assume you know who the headliners are in the upcoming presidential election, but what about the state and regional contests? That’s a bit murkier, isn’t it?

It gets even more difficult when you consider Southborough has three precincts that cross state congressional districts.

So let me help break it down for you. Here are the candidates who will be on ballots in Southborough (a complete list of all state races is here).

US Senate – Statewide
Democrat: John F. Kerry (Candidate for re-election)
Republican: Jeffrey K. Beatty
Libertarian: Robert J. Underwood

US House of Representatives – 3rd District
Democrat: James P. McGovern (Candidate for re-election)

Massachusetts Senate – Middlesex & Worcester District
Democrat: James B. Eldridge
Republican: Steven L. Levy

Massachusetts House of Representatives – 4th Middlesex District (Southborough Precinct 1)
Democrat: Danielle W. Gregoire
Republican: Arthur G. Vigeant
Independent: Joseph L. Valianti

Massachusetts House of Representatives – 8th Middlesex District (Southborough Precincts 2 & 3)
Democrat: Carolyn C. Dykema
Republican: Dan Haley

Councillor – 3rd District
Democrat: Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney (Candidate for re-election)

Register of Probate – Worcester County
Democrat: Stephen G. Abraham (Candidate for re-election)

And then of course there are ballot questions. I’ll cover those in an upcoming post.

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