Red, blue, or a little of both?

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Last week I wondered whether Southborough was a blue town or a red town. The answer (I think) is we’re blue, but not as blue as the rest of the state. In almost all races, Democrats carried the day in Southborough. The exception to the all-Democrats-all-the-time rule was Steven Levy in the Middlesex & Worcester Senate district. While Democrat James Eldridge won the race, Southborough’s preference was for the Republican Levy.

In general, Southborough skews a bit more Republican than other towns we vote with. For example, statewide John McCain took 36% of the vote. In Southborough he got 42%. John Kerry’s competitor Jeffrey Beatty got 40% of the vote in Southborough compared to 31% statewide.

Interestingly, the closer we get to home, the redder we get. In the contested national and statewide races, 57% of our votes went to Democrats while 41% went to Republicans. But, when it came to the local races, our votes evened out at 49% to Democrats and 49% Republicans.

Here’s a look at how Southborough voted compared to the other towns we voted with. Click the graphs to enlarge them.

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