Selectmen lend support to new police station

The Facilities Committee briefed the Board of Selectmen Monday night on options for a new police station. There are two on the table.

Option 1 would construct a new 1-story building behind and adjoining the existing Fire Station. At over 12,000 square feet, preliminary estimates have the project coming in at $7.1 million. The existing police station would be torn down.

The tearing down part is an issue for the Southborough Historical Society. They want the building to be preserved since it was originally part of Peters High School. Hence option 2 which calls for renovating and adding on to the current building. This option is estimated to cost 12% more than option 1.

The Facilities Committee recommends option 1 because it is lower cost and more functional overall. The Selectmen agreed and voted to come out in support a new single-story building.

At Town Meeting this year, residents voted to appropriate $90,000 toward design of a new building. The Facilities Committee plans to continue working with architects on the options.

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