Welcome to 2009!

While I admitted I had concerns about whether there was enough Southborough news to sustain a blog when I started it in 2008, I no longer suffer such fears. 2009 is shaping up to be an eventful year. Here’s just a taste of what’s to come.

Southborough will get a new police chief, and Algonquin will get a new principal.

Town meeting voters will consider whether to build a new police station, fund the purchase of a new aerial ladder truck for the Fire Department, and bury utilities lines on Main Street. All in an economy that’s tighter than ever.

A new administration comes into power this month, and closer to home, Southborough will elect new town officials in May.

The town landscape will continue to evolve with proposals under consideration for a huge EMC complex on the Southborough/Westborough line and a 40B on Woodland Road. Fay School will begin construction of a new primary school on Middle Road.

There will be new celebrations, new events, residents doing new and interesting things. And of course, new controversies and always new things to discuss.

I look forward to bringing it all to you on the My Southborough blog. I hope you keep reading. For an easy way to keep up to date with the latest posts, sign up for the My Southborough daily email. For you techie types, there’s also an RSS feed.

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14 years ago

Definitely enough news for your blog to stay active! The town even has enough news for two websites!

14 years ago

Please do keep it up! My husband and I discovered it via Google alerts for ‘Southborough’ and really enjoy the format. When Nick Noble eventually starts to update _Fences of Stone_ your highlights will become primary resources. I think 2027 (300th anniv.) was mentioned in the book as the target for the update. He is probably already sketching out segments from 1990 to present and reading your blog for milestones. Hi Nick! Cheers!

14 years ago

Cindy, very true! And I would love to see even more sites dedicated to this great community.

Saki, glad you found the site! It’s fun to think about what milestones might make it into Nick’s next update.

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