Arts Center elevator (finally!) fixed

Talk about your Christmas miracles.

The Southborough Arts Center had been without the use of its only elevator for multiple years. Without the elevator, the Arts Council could not use their third-floor exhibit space because there was no ADA-compliant access to it. And what’s an arts center without its exhibit space?

“We held events like the puppet shows at other locations like Pilgrim Church,” Interim Director Emily van Nort said.

But no longer. The elevator was repaired several months ago, but a state inspection was needed before they could let the public use it. And on Christmas eve, the inspection came through.

The Arts Council will waste no time making use of their newly-reclaimed exhibit space. Van Nort says they have an exhibit scheduled for early February and another one in the spring. “We are working to create a Southborough open studio day the first weekend in May and to have a full line up of exhibits for the next year.”

Excellent news for the Southborough arts community.

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15 years ago

does this mean no more open play up there if it’s going to be a pretty studio space?

15 years ago

Hi Nancy, good question! I forwarded it on to Emily to find out.

15 years ago

Good question! We are working with the Rec. department to use the space in the best way possible. For example, we are not going to hold a sculpture type show during the winter months when Rec needs the space. Our first shows will be user friendly, in that the art needs to be respected but the open floor can still be used for other activities.

Ideally everyone will still be able to use the space.

15 years ago

Emily, thanks for the info. Good to know the kids will still have room to run around.

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