Fire department responds to two chimney fires this weekend

You’ve had your chimney swept recently, right?

The Southborough Fire Department responded to two chimney fires in the span of just four hours this weekend – one in Southborough and one in Hopkinton.

The one in Southborough happened on Garrison Lane (off Oregon Road) just after midnight on Sunday. The occupants had extinguished the fire in the fireplace by the time the fire department arrived, but creosote build-up in the chimney continued to burn until firefighters were able to put it out.

Getting to the chimney proved a bit of a challenge. An aerial ladder truck from Ashland was called in because Southborough’s is permanently out of service, but the size of the truck made navigating the long private driveway at the home difficult. Firefighters were eventually able to get the truck up the driveway and reach the top of the chimney.

Just four hours before the incident on Garrison Lane, Southborough firefighters had been on the scene of a chimney fire on East Main Street in Hopkinton. Along with crews from Hopkinton, Ashland, and Milford, they battled an intense chimney fire that ignited materials in the basement of the home.

There were no injuries in either fire.

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