Notes from Algonquin

Each month Algonquin Principal Ned Gallagher posts his Principal’s Report. Here are some highlights from the latest one:

  • Northborough Cable Access Television has purchased a state-of-the-art HD studio package for the Algonquin television studio. Once it’s set up, Algonquin will offer Studio Production classes.
  • The Class of 2011 participated in the 2008 Walk to Cure Diabetes Research Foundation International in Worcester and got a plaque for their efforts.
  • Algonquin has a new Acoustic Club.
  • Senior Sterling Chu scored a 36 on the ACT exam – the top composite score. Only one other student in Massachusetts and 69 across the country did the same.
  • Algonquin is creating a master plan for their garden which will be located in the courtyard. It will include vegetables that will be used by the Nutrition and Culinary Arts Department.

And there were far more student honors than I could list here. Check them out for yourself in the Algonquin Principal’s Report.

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