Southborough in the news

Each week I bring you a collection of quotes from stories in the local media that have a Southborough connection. This week the stories center around two main themes: the economy and autism.

J-Mac inspires Trottier students
“The topic I want to talk to you about is that dreams do come true. Life is full of dreams – sometimes dreams come true.” -Jason McElwain , an autistic basketball player who gained fame when he scored 20 points in the final four minutes of a high school division final game. McElwain, author of the book The Game of My Life, spoke to Trottier students last week and took part in the annual student-faculty basketball game. ( Metrowest Daily News)

NECC aquatic center turns one
“It was worth every penny and all the hard work. We wanted it for many years, and we’re thrilled with it.” -Vincent Strully Jr., founder and CEO of the New England Center for Children in Southborough on the $6 million aquatic center that opened a year ago. The school says the pool has contributed to physical and behavior improvements in their autistic students. (Metrowest Daily News)

Child care services feel recession’s pinch
“I know parents have voiced concern that they might be changing, they might need to cut their days back.” -Barbara Tessier, director of Southborough-based First Steps Children’s Center on the impact layoffs have had on the demand for child care. (Worcester Business Journal)

Who buys a Hummer in the middle of a recession?
“It’s been awhile since I didn’t have enough salespeople. It’s been good to see.” -Peter Caliendo, general manager of Southborough’s Long Cadillac Hummer Saab on a day last week when customers actually outnumbered staff. Many area car dealers were counting on Presidents Day sales to help them stay afloat. (Metrowest Daily News)

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