Parking potential at Fitzgerald’s

Fitzgerald's General Store - Southborough, MA

Hoping to capitalize on dissatisfaction over the last fall’s hike in parking fees at commuter rail stations, Ramanbhati Patel, owner of Fitzgerald’s General Store wants to convert his parking lot into a lower-priced option for commuters.

But he’ll need to get through the Zoning Board of Appeals first. Patel will need a special permit from the ZBA to allow the lot to be used for both store parking and commuter rail parking.

A public hearing on the petition will take place tomorrow night at 7:30 pm in the Hearing Room on the second floor of the Town House. And if you’re so inclinded, you can view a copy of the application at the Building Department office in the Town House during normal business hours.

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15 years ago

Good for Mr. Patel! Why not capitalize on the MBTA parking fee hikes? The MBTA has a monopoly on parking, so I’m all for giving commuters options.

15 years ago

I hope the Zoning Board does not object to Mr. Patel’s proposal. It is a win/win. Residents who use the commuter rail service will have a slightly cheaper parking option and Mr. Patel can earn some additional revenue. Commuters will likely benefit not only from the lower cost, but also it will be more convenient. I’d gladly pay Mr. Patel $75 on the first of each month rather than try to find 4 single dollar bills or 16 quarters every week day! The MBTA needs to wise up and offer commuters a monthly parking option.

15 years ago

I hope this passes. It will help everyone. But, I hope the design of the parking lot (exit/entrances) will be safe. I can’t tell you how many accidents almost happen there.

Janet Bancroft
14 years ago

I am a handicapped commuter rail rider. I would like to see an improvement in access from the communter rail station to Fitsgerald’s parking lot. it is a dangerous path. Does Fitsgeral own the piece of land? There should be either a ramp or steps leading down to the parking area. I would like to contact others who see this a sproblem.

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