A ladder truck for Southborough: Series introduction

Southborough Ladder 26
The decommissioned Ladder 26

Southborough has been without an aerial ladder truck for over a year now. In a report published late last year, a committee of current and past firefighters, town officials, and residents recommended the purchase of a new ladder truck. The cost is estimated at nearly $1 million.

The committee plans to raise most of the funds through donations, fundraisers like this weekend’s Fire Ball, and municipal funds.

It’s an issue that seems to have the town divided. I’ve talked to an equal number of residents who are for and against it. Those for it argue the public safety angle. Those against say with budgets the way they are, now is not the time.

In a series of posts over the coming week, I’ll take a look at the various issues surrounding the proposal to purchase a new aerial ladder truck. At the end of the week, I’ll ask you to weigh in with your opinion.

Look for the first post in the series later today.

Links to the posts in the series will be updated here as they’re published.

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