Trottier math team has a good showing at states

In February I told you the Trottier math team placed 6th in the MathCounts chapter competition to qualify for the state competition. States were held on March 7th at Wentworth Institute of Technology, and the math whizzes from Trottier placed a respectable 16th out of 27 teams.

Trottier eighth-grader Tommy Yu ranked 8th among all mathletes in the competition.

Coach and Trottier math teacher Tom Griffin put Yu’s performance in perspective. “It started with 839 kids in Massachusetts, and 140 made the state competition – Tommy placed 8 – a really amazing accomplishment.”

And since you all had fun testing your math skills last time, here’s a question from last year’s state competition to puzzle over. Make your guesses in the comments, and I’ll post the answer there tomorrow.

A man has a 100-acre ranch that he wishes to stock with cows and sheep. Cows require ten acres of grazing land per animal and sheep require three acres of grazing land per animal. If he wishes to fully utilize the land, how many ways are there to stock the ranch so that it includes at least one cow and at least one sheep?

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