Fire and police logs for the week(s)

The weekly fire logs are posted. This week they include something called a “high angle rescue” on Saddle Hill Lane. I have no idea what that means, but it certainly sounds dramatic.

And the folks over at the Southborough Villager have been busy. They posted three week’s worth of police logs in the past few days. Here are the entries for the weeks of February 18, February 25, and March 4. Some highlights include a break in at a Main Street business, reports of harassing phone calls and threatening letters, and a cow in the middle of the road. You know, the usual.

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John Kendall
15 years ago

High Angle Rescue – Rescue from heights in varying situations. Could be removing someone from a tall structure, or as seen numerous times in California, rescuing someone who has fallen down into a ravine. All of it uses similar equipment such as rappelling rigs, ropes, etc. It’s also part of a larger field in the Fire Service known as Technical Rescue. It all requires specialized initial training as well as constant refresher training. Several members of the Southborough Fire Department have been trained in these skills and are members of the South Middlesex District 14 Technical Rescue Team.

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