New office park could face hurdles


It’s been there so long, you probably don’t even notice it anymore. A cleared lot on the south side of Route 9 near Deerfoot Road with mounds of dirt and a lonely bulldozer. It’s been that way for over twenty years, but now Southborough-based Bartolini Builders is looking to breathe new life into the project.

Bartolini purchased the land in 1985 and subdivided it into 6 lots. That same year they got site plan approval to build three office buildings on three of the lots. They did the curb cut and put in the start of a driveway, but then the project sat untouched for two decades.

At the Planning Board meeting this week, Bartolini presented a revised plan for the site. Like before, the plan is for three 3-story office buildings, one on each of the three lots, but the configuration has changed a bit. They already have approval from the Conservation Commission and the Board of Health, but they may be in for some trouble with the Planning Board.

Apparently there’s an issue with frontage. I don’t really understand the details, but it has something to do with the fact that a single driveway would serve multiple buildings on multiple lots. Why that’s a problem, I’m not sure.

An engineering consultant for Bartolini said the project is “substantially similar” to others that exist on Route 9, but the Planning Board is waiting for town counsel to weigh in on the issue before proceeding.

There were a number of Deerfoot Road residents in attendance at the Planning Board meeting. They asked questions about easements, the septic system, clearing of trees on abutting lots owned by Bartolini, and traffic. There was plenty of information gathering, but at least at this point, no strong objection voiced.

The public hearing was continued to April 27, so stay tuned.

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