The sounds of spring

The happy screams of children playing outside. The soft buzz of drowsy insects. The gentle rustle of new leaves. The incessant clunk, clunk, clunk of a robin throwing itself against my window.

As I sit here typing, a robin is engaged in mortal combat with his reflection in my picture window. He attacks the window in flight and then settles on the windowsill to peck away mildly at the glass. Eventually he gets tired and flies away, only to try again in a few minutes.

This goes on all day. Clunk, clunk, clunk. Peck, peck, peck.

Some internet research tells me the little guy is trying to ward off what he thinks is an intruder in his territory. Apparently the behavior is common during the nesting season which runs through July.

July? That bird is going to have one serious headache by then.


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14 years ago

Hmmm….got an inkling where the term bird brain might have come from?

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