Northborough’s ‘warm spirit of compromise’

The Metrowest Daily News reports Northborough Town Meeting last night approved the Algonquin debt reimbursement compromise rejected by Southborough earlier this month.

The compromise was proposed by the Regional School Committee as a way to resolve the dispute between the two towns over how to split mortgage payments for Algonquin over the next 17 years. Southborough wants to use the regional agreement that was previously approved by both towns, but Northborough wants to use a state law (Chapter 70B) that allows consideration of socio-economic factors.

So what impact does Northborough’s vote have on a potential resolution? Absolutely none. Since both towns needed to approve the compromise, and they didn’t, there is no compromise. It’s back to the drawing board for the Regional School Committee.

Both towns are bracing for the possibility of litigation. In fact, a member of Northborough’s Financial Planning Committee suggested that the town’s vote last night would demonstrate a “warm spirit of compromise” that could help them in any future court cases.

Have fun with that one in the comments, kids.

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Matthew Brownell
15 years ago

Unless it costs more to educate a Southborough student, Northborough needs to be told to Man Up, and honor the agreement into which they entered. Seriously. could it get any more embarrassing than when a town re-negs on an agreement in this manner?

15 years ago

A contract is a contract. That’s one of the most important foundations of the laws in this country. If socio-economics changed in favor of Southboro in the future, would Northboro be so willing to pony up the extra money using this alternative formula or would they be wanting to stick with the agreement?

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