Update on commuter rail parking at Fitzgerald’s

Several of you expressed interest in the plan by Fitzgerald’s General Store to offer discounted commuter rail parking, so here’s an update.

The proposal was supposed to come before the Zoning Board of Appeals last night, but it had to be postponed due to a scheduling conflict. It’s now scheduled to come before the board on May 27th.

Before the meeting with the ZBA, a consultant for Fitzgerald plans to meet with neighbors to answer questions and discuss any concerns or issues. Linda Shaffer of the Southville Road Neighborhood Network tells me most concerns center around traffic, security and maintenance. Shaffer has also met with Interim Police Chief Jane Moran to discuss the proposal.

If Fitzgerald’s gets approval from the ZBA, they move on to the Planning Board for site review.

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14 years ago

Hi Susan,

Just for clarification, I did not meet to discuss specifically the Fitzgerald’s parking lot proposal with Interim Chief Moran. I sat with the Chief to specifically discuss global traffic concerns/issues on Southville Road which part of our conversation included the proposed parking lot.

Given Chief Moran’s response and the town’s role in policing the area we spent minimal time on the issue seeing they (the SPD) are certainly aware of the neighborhoods concerns surrounding the MBTA. Again, the focus of our meeting was to discuss the existing traffic issues on Southville Road and look for ways to ensure the safety of those who live on and travel Southville Road.


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