Fire logs for the week

(Photo courtesy of the Southborough Fire Department)
(Photo courtesy of the Southborough Fire Department)

Fire and EMS teams were on safety duty at the NECC 5K Race/Walk last weekend along with the police department, Recreation Department, and members of the Southborough Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC). You can find more pictures on the fire department website.

And then, of course, there was all the other stuff they did last week.

Monday 5/11/09
09:52 Rescue, emergency medical call, Mass Pike East
18:25 Public service assistance, Red Gate Lane
19:36 Rescue emergency medical call, Blueberry

Sunday 5/10/09
09:39 EMS call, Southville Road and Cordaville Road
10:20 EMS call, Main Street
11:56 Smoke scare, odor of smoke, 495 North near Route 9
15:38 Vehicle accident with injuries, Central Street
17:08 EMS call, Main Street
17:22 Vehicle accident with injuries, Cordaville Road
22:23 Assist police or other agency, Wildwood Drive

Saturday 5/9/09
03:52 EMS call, Fischer Road
14:43 EMS call, Fischer Road
15:40 EMS call, Latisquama Road
18:19 Unintentional alarm system activation, Pine Hill Road

Friday 5/8/09
11:20 Unintentional alarm system activation, Jericho Hill Road
18:17 Unintentional transmission of alarm, Boston Road

Thursday 5/7/09
07:47 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road
10:54 EMS call, Latisquama Road
17:00 EMS call, Parkerville Road

Wednesday 5/6/09
04:08 Rescue, emergency medical call, Leonard Drive
10:55 Carbon monoxide detector activation, no carbon monoxide, Main Street
12:34 EMS call, Presidential Drive
12:35 Alarm system activation due to malfunction, Highland Street

Tuesday 5/5/09
01:26 EMS call, Winchester Street
07:00 Rescue, emergency medical call, Heather Lane
10:59 Rescue, emergency medical call, Boston Road
13:25 Arcing/shorted electrical equipment, Overlook Drive
17:34 Rescue, emergency medical call, Main Street
22:06 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road and Breakneck Hill Road

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