Top 5 movie-related Tweets

Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 12

Southborough’s 15 minutes of fame has extended all the way to the Twittersphere. Here’s my list of the top 5 movie-related Tweets.

5. I’m looking at aerials from Southboro. We’re over the movie shoot. I’m sure our chopper isn’t disrupting a thing. (@JohnWBZ)

4. @adamsandler when are you coming to southboro? are you bringing your goat? i can babysit.. (@joconu)

3. Is it sad that I just saw Adam Sandler filming in Southborough, and I couldn’t wait to get home and Tweet it? (@SteveCrowe)

2. Stuck in the hollywood traffic….in southborough (@paigemartins)

And finally, not necessarily movie-related, but still funny:

1. im in southborough, ma….dont ask me where it is cuz i have no idea.. ~Vickie~ (@mrs_wahlberg)

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