Say goodbye to Hollywood

Hollywood comes to Southborough - Day 13
Adam Sandler and his crew are off to Essex

The movie in Southborough is officially over, and life around town will soon return to normal.

The cast and crew finished up filming late last night. I’ve haven’t been down to see the set today, but word is much of the equipment, including light trucks and the trailers at Woodward, have already made their way out of town. St. Mark’s Street will reopen once all the sod is cleaned up.

The shoot went one day longer than originally planned. Columbia Pictures paid the town $1,300 and the Senior Center $1,000 for the extra day. No word on what Pilgrim Church or Woodward received.

The crew now heads to Essex to continue filming. Any landscaping not needed at the other set will be donated to the church. The town is also keeping the gazebo that was built for the movie. The plan is to auction it off to benefit something like the new ladder truck.

For the latest on the Adam Sandler movie, click here.

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Nancy V
15 years ago

Also, many of the left-over plants are being donated to the Triangle Park project. The DPW is generously assiting us in picking up and transporting the plants.

Many thanks to Karen Gallagan and her staff. And, of course, many thanks to Lakefront Productions!

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