When nature calls

Nature lovers walking the trail at the end of Red Gate Lane (part of the Beals conservation land) on Saturday, may have come upon an unfamiliar sight.

port-a-pottyI can assure you, there isn’t normally a port-a-potty in that neck of the woods.

But last weekend, the Department of Recreation sponsored a camp-out event for families who were trying out camping for the first time. Five families spent the night in tents alongside a small pond on the Beals’ land.

The families may have been roughing it, but thanks to the considerate folks at the Rec Department, they at least had a little privacy when nature called.

Thanks to a My Southborough reader for sending in the photo!

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14 years ago

Unfortunatly, Handi House did not pick up the port-a-potty when they said they would. Thank you to all, especially the nearby residents, for their patience.
The camp out was a lot of fun!!

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