In the media: More Southborough homeowners are late paying their taxes

The Boston Globe reported earlier this month that more homeowners are late in paying their property taxes this year, including ones in Southborough.

“We’re seeing more late payments as a sign of the economy,” said Brian Ballantine, Southborough’s finance director. “Even this town is seeing some of the pain. No one is escaping.”

… Last year, there were 264 late accounts totaling $745,000 in Southborough; this year there were 319 unpaid accounts after the May 1 deadline, totaling $1,155,900, Ballantine said.

Read more in the Boston Globe.

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14 years ago

The delinquents should pay up. Everyone else has.

14 years ago

Where have you been since October? There is a financial crisis. People are losing their jobs. These people can’t “pay up” they don’t have the money. I doubt they have just chosen to go to Europe for the summer and lose their home. They are choosing between eating and their property taxes. Nice compassion!

14 years ago

Look around…it happened in 1987. People owned huge homes, went belly up, then disappeared into the night. Live within your means.

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