Heavy rain brings flooding, road closures, lightning strikes

I wasn’t in town yesterday afternoon, but I hear there was quite a deluge. The Metrowest Daily News has a rundown of the damage, including a lightning strike at the police station:

In Southborough, flooding led to road closures on Parkerville Road, Main Street at Parkerville Road, and Boston Road, police said. The worst flooding was on Parkerville Road, where fire officials went house to house checking for damage, and helped secure one house’s propane tanks that were floating in the water.

Flooding also was reported near the Assabet River, and multiple lightning strikes were reported, including at the Southborough Police Station.

The heavy rain also caused major flooding at the library. The entire lower level, including the children’s area was under water. You can see photos of the damage to the library — along with other shots of the storm — over at southboroughnews.com.

The National Weather Service says more rain is predicted for today, but nothing as “impressive” as yesterday.

How did your property fare in the storm? Is your basement flooded? Branches down? Power or phone issues (I heard reports of phones being down for a time). Share your experience in the comments.

Update: The Boston Globe reports phones were out at the Southborough Police Station for 8 hours due to the lightning strike.

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14 years ago

I lost power for about an hour and a half. Oother than that I survived. What I did find striking was the flooding on Parkerville Road south near Highland Street. I remember all of that area being underwater in the mid-1970’s. Back then the MDC used to perform maintenance on the stream that runs from Mooney Field behind all of the homes, going into a culvert under 258 Parkerville Road, then on to the Sudbury River. With that agency defunct, who is responsible for that waterway??

14 years ago

Great question John. A question our neighborhood is determined to get to the bottom of. This flood is one of 5 we have suffered since we moved in nearly 6 yrs ago. I know many people were effected by the latest test of mother nature’s force but at this point we need some answers on how we can correct/avoid this from happening in the future

14 years ago

I had 4″ of water in my basement. In 15 years, have never had more than slight seepage in one corner, which was alleviated by diverting the downspout well away from the house.

14 years ago

The side entrance to the library was built incorrectly when the addition was put on.

14 years ago

We had some basement flooding, lots of crackling on the phone line and a couple of trees come down. My ear was ringing for hours after one strike. Fortunately our cockatoo was so used to the storms after the past month he barely wailed. A wild turkey was under a maple outside his window and they were pinging each other back and forth during the height of the hail.

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