Salad days at the Fire Station

Garden at the Southborough Fire Station

The Southborough Fire Department is into local produce. And I mean really local.

Each year firefighters plant a vegetable garden outside the fire station. This year the garden features cucumbers, several different kinds of peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, pumpkins, and more. The vegetables are used to make communal meals during each shift.

Captain Joe Hubley said the firefighters all chipped in for the plants, but the garden is primarily tended by Lieutenant Mark Sadowski and Firefighter/EMT Jason Neal.

Hubley said the garden used to be half the size it is now, but it was such a success they decided to expand it. “We grow so much we have to give it away,” he said. “And we still have some canned peppers from last year.”

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14 years ago

Should have a farm stand out front of station.

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