Cheap eats: The Recession Stand

The Recession Stand, a new hot dog stand at 169 Boston Road, has been getting its fair share of press recently thanks in part to its clever name. Here’s a recent video about the vendor from NECN.

(click image to view video on
(click image to view video on

So has anyone given the place a try?

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14 years ago

Mr. Bartolini, Great idea, one suggestion. For your recession stand… Think about using containers that can be recycled or maybe just paper to wrap your sandwiches.Styrofoam can’t be put into the transfer station recycling !

Mike G
14 years ago

Yes. It is cheap and delicious! Worth the stop.

Jean Perham
14 years ago

Greetings from an old townie! My sister told me about your venture, Good Luck! Next time I’m down that way I will give it a try. Warm Regards…….Jeannie Perham

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