Are you a Southborough blogger?


Did you know I’m not the only blogger in town? Southborough residents blog about all sorts of things, from photography to parenting to community preservation. There are any number of interesting conversations happening, and I’d like to help you find them by putting together a list of Southborough-based blogs.

If you’re a Southborough blogger, leave a link to your blog in the comments (or email it to me). The blog doesn’t have to be about Southborough, just written by someone who lives in Southborough.

(Photo by Jason Riedy)

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14 years ago

Hi Susan,

I am a Southborough blogger. My blog is:

It also looks like you and I have the same set of coffee cups, though mine have not made it onto a blog post (yet).

I know of several other local bloggers, but I’ll let them speak for themselves.

14 years ago

hi my name is nancy and i’m a southborough blogger.


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