Pan Mass Challenge team rides in honor of Chief Webber

by susan on August 11, 2009

Kevin Webber and Kathy Webber (contributed photo)

Kevin Webber and Kathy Webber

Earlier this month more than 5,000 bicyclists journeyed their way from points across Massachusetts to Provincetown as part of the Pan-Mass Challenge, a fundraiser for cancer research. Some of those cyclists were riding in memory of Southborough’s late police chief William Webber who succumbed to pancreatic cancer last November.

The team, dubbed “Billy’s Posse” included Webber’s wife Kathy and son Kevin. It also included colleagues Interim Chief Moran and Detective Meredith Lobur, among others.

Moran and Lobur completed a two-day ride of over 165 miles from Wellesley to Provincetown. Moran described the ride this way:

Our team rode in honor of Chief William Webber and the money raised was donated in his memory. It was important that our department was represented among the Mass Chief’s Team and was a wonderful tribute to Chief Webber.

The ride was a huge commitment in many ways, but well worth the effort, as many thanks and support from survivors, well wishers and contributors bolstered us along the way. The PMC Sponsorship was a large part of our fundraising effort this year and brought in a great number of donations, specifically dedicated to the PMC ride in memory of all those who have/are struggling with cancer.

The 30th annual Pan-Mass Challenge raised over $30 million for cancer research.

Interim Chief Jane Moran finishing the ride (contributed photo)

Interim Chief Jane Moran finishing the ride

Detective Meredith Lobur (left) and Interim Chief Jane Moran (right).

Detective Meredith Lobur (left) and Interim Chief Jane Moran (right) at the finish line

(All photos contributed by My Southborough readers)

1 Annelies August 17, 2009 at 5:13 PM

I take my hat off for this immense accomplishment of these 4 PMC riders.
Well done!!

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