Another day, another power outage

My house was one of about 360 in Southborough that lost power this afternoon. The electricity went out at around 4:20 and came back shortly before 5:00. Perhaps it was all those air conditioners running at full blast.

I’ve complained before about the number of power outages we have in Southborough. A while ago I tried to get an explanation from National Grid, but came up empty, proving once again that my future as an investigative journalist is bleak.

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13 years ago

Gee, my power has been fine for quite awhile now….

13 years ago

I’ve always wondered why we get so many outages as well. Our last one was in July.

13 years ago

There’s a few reasons: depending on where you live in town dtermines where your power is actually coming from. Mine comes down from Flanders Road, so if something happens in that part of Westborough, we tend to lose things fast. The same goes for the Main Street area. If something big happens in Marlborough, it can kick back into the substation on Northborough Road in Southborough and wreak havoc in town. Of course you have the critters who are unfortunate enough to step where the shouldn’t and short things out, and the vehicle accidents, and the weather…..the list goes on. The good news is that a great percentage of the power lines in Southborough have been replaced in the past several years, so failures from age have lessened quite a bit. Burying the lines isn’t the total answer….just watch the news when big cities like Boston have a power line blow under ground. Does a lot of damage because the fire is unreachable, and sometimes unstoppable.

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