Traffic mess on Routes 9 and 85

Traffic is a mess on Route 9 this evening. I just drove over the Route 85 bridge, and Route 9 west is backed up in both directions as far as the eye can see. I believe — although I haven’t confirmed — that the traffic light at White’s Corner (Route 9 and Breakneck Hill Road) is out. Others may be as well.

Route 85 north was also backed up from Main Street all the way back to Route 9.

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14 years ago

There was a tree down on Parkerville Rd. south that took out power lines for about 2.5 hours by the old train tressel. There were probably trees than just that one, but I’m sure it had to do with the power outtage.

14 years ago

It came down around 2:50 when the school busses were coming through, I had just gotten back from Worcester with my son and it was across the road handing on the power lines. But like I said, for the amount of the south side of town that was out, I’m assuming that it wasn’t the only downed tree.

14 years ago

Never lost my power yesterday

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