Save the date: Southborough Unscheduled 2010

Mark your calendars, Southborough Unscheduled 2010 will be on Thursday, March 11. The homework-free, activity-free, and meeting-free evening is sponsored by Southborough Youth and Family Services, and is intended to encourage families to spend more time together.

Here’s more information from SYFS:

On this night (after 6:00 pm), there will be no homework, no sports, no rehersals, and, to the extend possible, no meetings in the town. We will encourage families to make this night special by taking a step back from the busy, harried, overscheduled lives we all lead. We hope that all residents will commit to making March 11 an evening to reconnect with family and friends.

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14 years ago

“Unscheduled” time has to be scheduled… and 5 months ahead of time!! How sad for us all!!

14 years ago

We’ve tried this. It’s impossible …. sad

14 years ago

we usually don’t have an issue. The kids are happy to have a homework free night (except my high schooler). And they are happy that they have a reason to stay home and not go to sports or scouts or music. We just hang out at home, my husband plays golf or racing video games with the boys (of course he does this more than just on unscheduled night). If you can’t schedule one night a year to be unscheduled than you are over-scheduled. Look at your calendar. I’m sure there are other nights that work for you throughout the year – do it then….do it whenever you can! The payoff is more than any soccer practice can do for your kid.

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