National Grid plans tree removal

There will be a public hearing on Thursday to review National Grid’s application to cut down 38 trees and prune another 3 because they’re threatening main power lines. The trees are located on these roads:

  • Lynnbrook Road – 1 removal
  • Lovers Lane – 22 removals, 3 trims
  • Flagg Road – 10 removals
  • Deerfoot Road – 5 removals

Trees slated to be removed are posted with a white flyer giving details about the public hearing. Trees slated for purning are marked with a small blue ribbon.

If you want to comment on National Grid’s plan, you can do so on Thursday at 10:00 am at the Town House Hearing Room (second floor). A complete list of town trees designated for removal or pruning, including information about the location, size and species of the affected trees and the reason for removal or pruning, is available weekdays from the Town Hall during normal business hours.

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14 years ago

22 trees on lovers lane and 10 on flagg rd…this is outrageous. Whose providing checks and balances on these people?

14 years ago

Take a much closer look at the trees. Not only are most rotting from the inside, they impede the wires. Taking them down or pruning is part of maintaining the electrical system. They are trying to prevent outages from happening due to tree damage. Keep this in mind when you are wondering why your power is out during a snowstorm.

Kelly Roney
14 years ago

Unbelievable! Why not cut ’em all down?

Some of the trees are at the end of their lifespans and should come down, but this would be a major change, and it’s unwarranted.

14 years ago

So, now that they have cut these trees down, who is responsible for cleaning up the piles of wood they left behind on resident’s lawns? Some of the trees they cut down, were left very tall stumps. One has even been fashioned with a reflective pole so drivers won’t hit it. If you aren’t going to fully do the job, don’t do it at all.

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