What’s new at the Southborough Library

New for the adults this week is a holiday tale by Wally Lamb, something scary by Stephen King, and the latest release by Norah Jones. For the kids, it’s stories about a helpful tractor, an adventure in Atlantis, and a secret science alliance.


wishin-and-hopinWishin’ and Hopin’: A Christmas Story, by Wally Lamb
Set in the fictional town of Three Rivers, Connecticut, this is the story of fifth grader Felix Funicello in the months leading up to Christmas 1964.
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under-the-domeUnder the Dome, by Stephen King
The small town of Chester’s Mill, Maine, is faced with a big dilemma when it is mysteriously sealed off by an invisible and completely impenetrable force field. With cars and airplanes exploding on contact, the force field has completely isolated the townspeople from the outside world. Now, Iraq war vet Dale Barbara and a group of the town’s more sensible citizens must overcome the tyrannical rule of Big Jim Rennie, a politician bent on controlling everything within the Dome. (Library catalog | Amazon)

beyond-alzhiemersBeyond Alzheimer’s: How to Avoid the Modern Epidemic of Dementia, by Scott D. Mendelson
This groundbreaking work rests on the belief that Alzheimer’s is one of several types of dementia and in most cases is avoidable. Rather than being the inevitable result of aging, Mendelson asserts dementia is primarily the result of bad diet, stress, lack of mental and physical exercise, and other lifestyle choices. He offers hope to both patients and their caregivers by recommending vitamins and more that may mitigate or delay the effects of dementia, as well as suggesting lifestyle changes that might help a person avoid dementia altogether. (Library catalog | Amazon)

norah-jonesThe Fall, by Norah Jones (Music CD)
Norah Jones has taken a new direction on the The Fall, experimenting with different sounds and a new set of collaborators, including Jacquire King, a noted producer and engineer who has worked with Kings of Leon, Tom Waits and Modest Mouse. The first single/video is for the album’s lead track ‘Chasing Pirates’. (Library catalog | Amazon)


otisOtis, by Loren Long
When a big new yellow tractor arrives, Otis the friendly little tractor is cast away behind the barn, but when trouble occurs Otis is the only one who can help. (Library catalog | Amazon)

knock-knockKnock! Knock! by Anna-Clara Tidholm
Each door is a different color and each door hides a surprise.
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corydonCorydon and the Fall of Atlantis, by Tobias Druitt
Corydon, an outcast Greek boy with the leg of a goat, reluctantly sets off on another adventure with the “monsters” of Greek mythology when the Minotaur is apparently kidnapped by the people of Atlantis. (Library catalog | Amazon)

secret-scienceThe Secret Science Alliance and the Copycat Crook, by Eleanor Davis
Eleven-year-old Julian Calendar thought changing schools would mean leaving his “nerdy” persona behind, but instead he forms an alliance with fellow inventors Greta and Ben and works with them to prevent an adult from using one of their gadgets for nefarious purposes. (Library catalog | Amazon)

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