Initial phase of the Triangle Park nears completion

Most of the hardscaping in the new Triangle park at the corner of Southville and Cordaville Roads is in place as the first phase of work nears completion.


The stone dust paths have been laid and volunteers have begun planting.


Several benches have been installed. (In this photo Triangle Committee member Nancy Vargas enjoys a much-deserved break.)


And the park’s centerpiece, the original bell from the old Cordaville woolen mill, is in place.


See more pictures of the park — including a photo of the much-inquired-about memorial tree for late Police Chief Bill Colleary — below. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge and view as a slideshow.

triangle-10 triangle-9 triangle-2 triangle-3 triangle-8 triangle-1-lg

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13 years ago

Any idea when the park will be finished?

Southboro Town Boy
13 years ago

Does anyone know if these metal panels are going to be painted, or are they going to rust away? They sure do look ugly!

13 years ago

I think the panels are supposed to …….oxidize and develop a patina. Sounds good anyway. I think 5 years from now when everything weathers it’ll look fine

13 years ago

I like how they look!

13 years ago

To answer your questions, the project will be completed in the spring, when and if the final phase of CPA finding is approved at town meeting.

The panels will not be painted. They are a special kind of steel called Cor-ten which develops a patina that protects the steel. Though it looks like rust, it is not rust, nor is it and indication that damage is being done to the panels. They will eventually form an even patina and the seams should no longer be visible.

Yes, thank you minimom, most people do like the way they look, but for those who don’t, please realize that the desired look will not be achieved until the rest of the plants are put in and allowed to mature a bit.

Hope that helps.

13 years ago

Yep, it helps. Thanks Nancy!

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