Board of Health to hold flu clinic on 12/9, but supplies are limited

The Southborough Board of Health will hold a flu clinic next Wednesday to administer both the seasonal and H1N1 vaccine. It’s by appointment only, and supplies are limited.

Barbara Luther with the BOH told me the town ordered 1,000 doses of the H1N1 vaccine, but so far has received only 200. The doses have been “dribbling in,” she said.

Because supplies have been so limited, the BOH has had to prioritize recipients. So far, school nurses, high-risk teens, and EMS workers have been vaccinated. The BOH also gave about 70 doses to the Southboro Medical Group to administer to high-risk children.

That leaves about 100 doses of H1N1 and 80 doses of the seasonal flu vaccine left for next week’s clinic. Luther said the BOH has been using criteria from the Centers for Disease Control to triage recipients.

At the top of the list for the upcoming clinic are daycare workers. Other high-risk candidates include pregnant women and parents of infants younger than six months. The BOH will only administer the vaccine to those over the age of 12.

Luther said the best thing for residents who want to get vaccinated to do is to call the BOH and get on the list. They’ll prioritize candidates and schedule appointments as available. Luther said they hope to receive more doses later this month. If they do, they’ll schedule additional clinics.

Wednesday’s clinic runs from 2:00 to 4:00 pm by appointment only. To get on the list, call the BOH at 508-481-3013.

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