Winter parking ban now in effect

The local news last night said there is a slight, slight, slight chance of snow on Saturday, so I figured now was a good time to remind you that Southborough’s winter parking ban went into effect on December 1.

From now until March 15, there is no overnight parking on any public way regardless of the weather. Overnight means midnight to 6:00 am. During snowstorms, street parking is not allowed at any time night or day.

Update 12/05: Apparently the chance of snow is no longer so slight. They say we may get 3-6 inches starting late this afternoon.

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Steve Wamback
14 years ago

Susan, did you have to put that picture in the blog? Like leaves I love to see in come down until I have to get rid of it.My kids call me “Grumpy Wamby”.

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