Senate candidate Scott Brown visits Southborough

This news brief was sent in by the Southborough Republican Town Committee:

The Southborough Republican Town Committee hosted an event for State Senator Scott Brown on December 13, 2009, at the home of the Town Committee Chairman.

Senator Brown, candidate for United States Senate, discussed various state and national issues, including the economy, health care, and national defense.  Also attending were Mary Z. Connaughton, candidate for State Auditor (and former MassPike Board member), and Steve Levy, candidate for the 4th Middlesex seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives (and current Marlborough City Council member).

Senator Brown emphasized the importance of the special election scheduled for January 19th, both to the people of Massachusetts, and to the country as a whole.

Update 01/19: The results are in, and Scott Brown has captured the Southborough vote by a wide margin.

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13 years ago

The term REPRESENTATIVE should be more than just a title, so my vote, and yours, should go to the candidate who is most likely to vote in Congress as you would if you held the seat – be he/she Republican, Democrat or Independent. Issues: health care, federal spending, wars in the middle east, balanced budget, congressional salaries, civil union vs marriage and on and on….
I look forward to debates and other fora.

13 years ago

Insofar as the SENATE is concerned, I hope that our Senators are more Statesmen than Politicians, persons of learning, capable of leadership.

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