The week in government

Selectmen meet twice this week. Their normal meeting on Tuesday night will be dedicated to the usual assortment of town business. On Thursday they’ll hold a special meeting to talk budgets. An official agenda for the Thursday meeting has not been published yet, but I’d bet chances are good they’ll talk about the school budgets among others.

All meetings listed here are open to the public.

Monday, February 15
No meetings scheduled

Tuesday, February 16
Board of Selectmen, 6:30 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House (agenda)

Wednesday, February 17
Housing Authority, 7:30 pm @ Colonial Gardens, 49 Boston Road
Cable Television Committee, 7:30 pm @ Cable Access Office, Fayville Hall

Thursday, February 18
Board of Selectmen, 6:00 pm @ Hearing Room, Town House

Friday, February 19
No meetings scheduled

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Nothing Ever Changes
13 years ago

I thought it only common sense that after the rather expensive “Police Chief” search turned up none other than good Ole Jane Moran, the taxpayers of Southborough would have smartened up a bit. Either that or the no less than “shifty” few who spend most of the tax dollars would wake up and smell the roses. Not so… history shows in Southborough.
First- you have that new SUV, gas guzzler police cruiser that slid right thru town meeting. With discussions still going on about a new police station, now theres talk of a Police Lieutenant ! Folks. You gotta be kidding me. In this economy, with school budgets and everybody elses budget going south quickly, Southborough needs a Police Lieutenant ? You can’t justify having what you have already and now someone (Time for Janey to pay back for all the support from within) she wants a Police Lieutenant. I keep typing it over and over cause I still can’t believe she is that dumb to even ask at this stage. If this doesn’t piss you all off enough to start looking for new blood, theres no hope left for any of you ! Remember folks – dumb is forever.

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