Update: How much has the Bonus Bucks program brought in?

Earlier this year I told you about the A+ Bonus Bucks program from Stop & Shop that lets you earn money for Southborough schools as you shop. I thought it would be interesting to check on how much money the program is bringing in.

According to the latest numbers on the Stop & Shop website — which I believe were updated at the end of January — the money from the program isn’t going to solve the school’s current fiscal crisis, but at least it might fund a classroom program or two.

Here are the totals. (Note: Neary is not participating.)


The program runs through March 25, so there’s still time to help the schools earn more cash. All you have to is register your Stop & Shop card, and then each time you use it, the schools will earn Bonus Bucks.

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Sue Grinblatas
13 years ago

This is one of several FREE MONEY sources for the schools. While it’s true they aren’t going to solve our fiscal woes entirely, these sources of income are ESSENTIAL to funding programs at the schools. Even if you don’t have a child in the school, please consider registering your Stop N Shop card and/or participating in any of the other free money (i.e., no additional expenditures by you :) ) sources:

-Price Chopper – register your Advantage card so that points earned are translated to school supplies donated yearly by Price Chopper to registered schools. Check with the Service Desk at Price Chopper!!!
-Target – register your Target credit to one of the Southborough Schools and a %age goes to the school
-SCRIPS gift cards – gift cards for many, many vendors (e.g., Eddie Bauer, LLBean, Stop&Shop, Chipotle, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, itunes, and more) can be purchased through an organization called Scrips. Gift card price is same as it would be if you bought it through the store, but if bought through Scrips anywhere from 1.5% – 13% goes to the school. Westborough schools do this and make THOUSANDS!
– Box Tops for Education- all of the schools as well as the library have boxes for Box Tops for Education. The schools earn $800-1000 per year from this program, and need every box top clipping they can! Even if you don’t have a kid in the schools, you can collect them and drop them off in any school office or at the Library in the children’s section
-Printer Cartridge Recycling – Drop off used printer cartridges at Neary (box near office) and schools earn $ for recycling them and you don’t have to pay to get rid of them.
– Abitibi Paper Recycling – Ever notice those big green and yellow dumpsters in front of the schools? The schools get PAID for all the paper that is collected in those bins. When you recycle paper at the transfer station, the Town has to PAY to recycle it (and you have to separate by newspaper, magazines, junk mail, construction paper, etc.). When you put your paper in the Abitibi bins, we MAKE money and there’s no need to separate — all sorts of paper go in together.

We are barely scratching the surface of the money the schools could be making if we had more townspeople participating in these programs. Just think of it!


carrie alpert
13 years ago

the Target rewards takes a few moments to register if you have a Target card and you see the $ number that is going to your child’s school right on your statement.

Sue–what if we set up collection boxes at the Transfer Station for the Box Tops?

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