What the fire department has been up to

(Photo by Chris Wraight)

After a weekend of heavy rain, it’s no surprise the fire department spent much of Monday responding to water issues. Here’s a list of the calls for the past week.

Tuesday 3/9/10
09:39 Accident, Mass Pike Bridge and Cordaville Road (more)
10:11 EMS call, Richards Road
11:55 Brush fire, Parkerville Road
11:57 EMS call, Newton Street
14:23 EMS call, Turnpike Road
15:31 EMS call, Newton Street
20:20 EMS call, Marlboro Road

Wednesday 3/10/10
04:29 EMS call, Bigelow Road
07:28 Vehicle accident with injuries, Turnpike Road and Route 85
08:15 EMS call, North Street
12:08 Power line down, Fairview Drive
22:07 EMS call, Ward Road

Thursday 3/11/10
12:02 EMS call, Sears Road
16:19 EMS call, John Street

Friday 3/12/10
17:07 EMS call, North Street
18:26 Vehicle accident with injuries, Route 9 East, Framingham

Saturday 3/13/10
04:09 EMS call, Central Street and Turnpike Road
14:09 EMS call, Upland Road
15:55 EMS call, Boston Road

Sunday 3/14/10
14:20 Water evacuation, Oak Hill Road
14:40 Water evacuation, Southville Road
19:49 EMS call, Turnpike Road

Monday 3/15/10
00:26 EMS call, Granuale Road
07:25 Water evacuation, Upland Road
07:35 EMS call, Parkerville Road
09:17 Water problem, Chestnut Hill Road
14:03 Water problem, Woodland Road
14:14 Water problem, Fitzgerald Lane
15:25 Water evacuation, Upland Road
16:01 EMS call, Turnpike Road
18:05 Water problem,
18:32 Arching, shorted electrical equipment, Middle Road
18:45 Vehicle accident with injuries, Mass Pike West
19:32 Arching, shorted electrical equipment, Middle Road
20:51 Water problem, Nathan Stone Road
21:33 Water problem, Pinecone Lane
21:58 Water problem, Jacobs Lane
22:29 Unintentional alarm system activation, Nipmuc Lane

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