MWDN: Town hasn’t handed over legal bills

The Metrowest Daily News reported this morning that they have yet to receive copies of the legal bills they requested related to the Southborough Eight investigation. By law the town had until the end of last week to comply with MWDN’s Freedom of Information Act request, or provide a reason why they couldn’t.

Town Administrator Jean Kitchen said yesterday that she has yet to receive redacted invoices from attorneys Barry Bachrach and James Lampke. Towns can redact, or black out, information they deem to be sensitive.

“Yes, I have some bills from Bachrach and one from Lampke,” Kitchen said. “But I had to send them back to both of them to be redacted before you can have them.”

Lampke and Bachrach could not be reached for comment.

The MWDN also said the town wants to charge them $157 in expenses to see the legal bills. The MWDN hasn’t paid.

The Selectmen met in executive session last Wednesday night. One of the items on their agenda was to discuss “an internal affairs report relative to certain personnel issues and Town policies.”

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Ruth Beck
13 years ago

I attended the show last night at the library between John and Sal. No one knows the outcome of the investigation, so why all the petty bickering? These things happen in small town politics, I know. But lets move on and stop wasting time, please. Is this a personal vendetta ? I am more concerned about the welfare of the town, not vendettas.

New Resident
13 years ago
Reply to  Ruth Beck

You are right on the money! We need to move on and end, once and for all, the “Marty” debacle as well as “Deep Dish.” The BOS should not hide behind executive session. Its despicable that the lives of 8 well respected town employees have been disrupted for so long. The comments made by Sal at the first emergency executive session should be made public. You asked “Is this a personal vendetta?” I doubt it, but it is at best a rash rush to judgment.

As far as the outcome of the investigation, .at least 5 of the 8 have been told to appear tonite for ANOTHER executive session and some of them have been told they will not will face any disciplinary action. I don’t know if what, if anything, that means for the remaining 3.

Tonite’s meeting should be held in public. There is NO legal requirement it be he held in executive session.

Transparency and openness belong in town government!!!!!!

Al Hamilton
13 years ago

Ruth –

The issue is transparency. No, we are not entitled to the details of personnel records and processes. But we are fully entitled to know how much of our money the Town spent on the investigation.

The MWDN made a public records request for that information. By law the town had 10 days to provide this information. The town did not meet this legal requirement, probably exposing itself to further legal action.

I think voters are entitled to know how much was spent on this matter before they go to the polls. The MWDN asked in time to inform the voters and I suspect the sums involved are significant and potentially embarrassing. From the outside it looks like there is some foot dragging going on.

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