In the media: Man blames Genzyme for flooding Southborough property

(Contributed photo)

A My Southborough reader sent in this photo of a house on Route 30. Signs out front say the house was flooded by Genzyme. Today, the Metrowest Daily News has more on the story:

(Owner Theo Kehaias) said the home’s tenants were forced to evacuate during flooding last July.

“The brook that runs behind the house was never a problem until Genzyme built their parking garage across the street,” Kehaias said Friday. “They never even sent letters to abutters when it was being built.”

Kehaias believes that Genzyme installed a faulty drainpipe that runs beneath the new parking garage, linking the brook with its terminus at the Sudbury Reservoir.

“They wrecked this property,” he said.

You can read more in this article in the MWDN.

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John Kendall
13 years ago

Personally, I don’t think it’s Genzyme’s fault at all. That property, like so many others in Southborough, has had water problems for years and years. I can point out properties that don’t have flooding every year, but have suffered near catastrophic flooding from time to time. Case in point, my mother’s old house at 258 Parkerville Road. It doesn’t flood every time it rains, however, the property has been under water more than once. So has the property on Boston Road.

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