Wild weekend weather (with video)

It’s not often that Southborough sees tornado warnings, especially two days in a row, but that’s exactly what happened this weekend.

Things kicked off with a bang — literally — early Saturday morning when a strong thunderstorm with some pretty amazing lightning passed through town. That was followed by more thunder and lightning Saturday afternoon, and again on Sunday. Tornado warnings were posted both days in the afternoon.

I haven’t had word of any damage around town from the weather. Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. said an alarm at St. Mark’s was set off by lightning during the storm overnight on Saturday, and one at Fay School may have been as well, but there was no damage. On Sunday the fire department provided mutual aid for a fire at a Westborough apartment complex that was caused by lightning. The fire left up to 75 people homeless.

How do things look around you?

For those of you who missed it, here’s a taste of what the weather was like this weekend. This video is from Sunday afternoon. Listen for the big boom about 10 seconds in.

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