Garfield House going up for auction

There’s already been some discussion of this on the blog, but for those of you who haven’t heard, the so-named Garfield House — the stone house on the corner of Main Street and Deerfoot Road — will be going up for auction on Tuesday, August 17.

The 10,000-plus square foot house sits on more than four acres of land. In addition to the house, there are two already approved residential lots on the property. The house and land were last assessed by the town at nearly $1.7M.

Originally built by town benefactor Joseph Burnett, the stone house plays a big role in the history of Southborough. You can read more about its legacy on the realty’s website.

For those of you who have always wanted a glimpse inside the home — and who hasn’t? — there is also a photo gallery with lots of interior shots.

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Judith Bailey Keneman
12 years ago

Thank you so much for the pictures of the inside of the Garfield House!
I lived on the Kidder Estate in Southborough from 1949 until 1967 and spent many happy days walking around the resevoir and admiring that house. Some of the first pictures I took with my little Brownie camera were veiws of the house through the trees. It is a beautiful home, that retains its warmth and elegance even when it is empty. I sincerely hope that the person who wins the auction will love it and preserve it for future generations to admire and appreciate

sue socal
12 years ago

I just noticed that the Garfield House auction (Aug. 17) has been postponed. The auction site says, “sale postponed. Check back at a further date” Does anybody know, if perhaps, the town/ St. Marks might be trying to purchase the property?

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