Proposed strip club on Framingham-Southborough border a no-go … for now

Several of you emailed me about this story last week. An entrepreneur from Groton had hopes to open a “classy” strip club at the former Tin Alley Grill on Route 9 in Framingham just east of the Southborough border. Were the strip club to be approved, one reader said it would make “a decidedly unsavory entry to town.”

Since it was first floated, the proposal for the Tin Alley site has fallen through, but the entrepreneur said he has a Plan B — an as-of-yet undisclosed location within Framingham’s existing zoned adult entertainment district. That district runs along Route 9 east starting at the Southborough border.

I’ll keep you updated on the latest as it develops, but what do you think? Would a strip club near the Framingham-Southborough border have a significant impact on our town? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Papa Rosa
13 years ago

Dang, I had just finished asking my employer to pay me in singles from now on.

Serious note: the Tin Alley proposal was doomed from the start, thank God, and yes, yes, a thousand times yes, a strip club would be a rotten thing to have so close by. There is no such thing as a classy strip club: they are places of misery and misogyny and rage and loneliness. To have one open right up the road would be truly depressing.

13 years ago

^agree, but this does raise the question about Southborough…and what have we done WRT zoning for this? As reprehensible as this type of venue is, courts have upheld their constitutional legality. My bigger concern is that someone would propose one of these clubs in Southborough proper. Has Southborough designated an area as an adult entertainment zone? Somewhere far out of the way so that someone couldn’t propose one for say, White’s Corner?

Some may remember the furor when the Wendy’s w/ its drive-thru window went in several years ago…because we hadn’t anticipated it, it was legal, and there wasn’t anything the town could do to prevent it; the town did pass a law prohibiting future drive-thru window fast-food establishments.

Kelly Roney
13 years ago
Reply to  Chris

Pretty sure we passed an adult entertainment zoning bylaw a few years ago. If I recall correctly, it’s in the industrial zone on the way to Northborough, but I could be wrong about that.

13 years ago

it stip club would be great. They would make fortune but i dont think southborough is the place for it,

John Kendall
13 years ago
Reply to  sam

For the sake of history, we had the Limelight on Southville Road (now the Rose Garden), where “adult entertainment ” was avalable every weekend.

carrie alpert
13 years ago

finding it hard to think of how to describe what a “classy” strip is to my 11 year old son, maybe something along the lines of “the girls keep the tassles on”

yes, a strip club–or adult entertainment–i do love the how the industry tries to mainstream what it is, that being the degradation of women. Yes, a place like this should indeed keep our real estate values above the normal range.

The Guy
13 years ago
Reply to  carrie alpert

Tell your son [redacted] happens and people need to make money, your kids not going to go to the establsihment so who cares.

Kathryn K
13 years ago

I had no idea! Awful! Sorry to be closed minded, but I don’t want our young women even thinking about this as a convenient job option.

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