Animal death at Harvard Primate Center investigated

From today’s Metrowest Daily News:

The federal government is weighing whether it will launch a formal probe into the practices of the New England Primate Research Center following the death of an animal there in June.

“The preliminary step is simply making the routine inspection,” said David Sacks, spokesman for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. “Research facilities are responsible for following protocol to the letter.”

During a June 29 inspection, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Services said it found the body of a primate on the floor of a cage that had been sent through a cage-washing system on June 9.

The primate center operated by Harvard Medical School is located off Parmenter Road in Southborough. It houses about 1,800 primates.

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carrie alpert
12 years ago

I am familiar with the group “Stop Animal Exploitation Now”–they are the group by which this entire situation came to light by. If not for these groups institutions such as Harvard would keep moving forward without a sideways glance. And no, it is not always in the spirit of medical science– if you think that is always is then you have been brainwashed.
Not only am a bit skeptical that the primate was dead before it went through the cage washers but if you have such a horrendous occupation would you not at least check to see if there was a breathing creature in it? I mean really, what? were you texting and just pushed the button a bit too quickly?

and if the poor animal who had been tested upon was already dead would you not have some compassion and remove it from the cage?

shame on HARVARD!

“i don’t eat anything that has caused me harm”

carrie alpert
12 years ago

realized that i forgot the “not” in my quote althought i would not eat anything that has caused me harm either!

12 years ago

I agree with Carrie. This place makes me sick to my stomach. Never enough regulations to protect these animals. Let’s hope some of the animal advocate groups get involved! The thought of Havard enlarging their facility is equally disturbing…maybe this will hinder that process.

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