In the media: Clock ticking on Southborough septic project

The town is hoping to break ground on a new septic system at Colonial Gardens this fall, assuming the bid process goes smoothly. State officials told the Board of Health this week that if the project doesn’t start by Thanksgiving, it will be delayed until April of next year.

The $350,000 drip distribution system will replace a conventional system that broke down earlier this year. Colonial Gardens, a 56-apartment complex managed by the Southborough Housing Authority, has seen its septic system fail three times in the last 30 years.

Housing Authority Director Lynne Moreno told the board that after the last system failed this past spring, she had to hire a pumping service.

“Every three to four weeks we pump out 5,000 gallons at a cost of $600 for each visit,” she said. “The tenants are tired of living with that smell.”

You can read more in the Metrowest Daily News.

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