Small electrical fire at Town House ends Selectmen meeting early

Last night’s was one of the most exciting Board of Selectmen meetings I’ve been to in recent memory, but it had nothing to do with the agenda.

About 20 minutes into the 7:00 pm meeting, some of the lights in the Town House Hearing Room flickered and then went out. Others remained on, so the meeting continued. What we didn’t know at the time is that the partial power outage had set some electrical equipment in the basement of the Town House smoldering.

Shortly before 8:00 pm, the Town House fire alarm started to blare (my gracious is that thing loud), sending those of us at the meeting out into the drizzly night.

The fire department responded and took care of the smoldering equipment and resulting smoke. By that time power to the whole building was out, so the meeting was prematurely adjorned.

No word on how widespread the power outage was — National Grid never showed an outage on their website — but word is the Library also lost partial power.

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