Southborough residents to hold reception for congressional candidate Michael Stopa

Above: Candidate Michael Stopa on the campaign trail with his family (photo from Facebook)

Michael Stopa, a Republican candidate for Congress, was out at Summer Nights on Sunday shaking hands, as were a number of other political candidates. If you didn’t get to meet Stopa then, or if you did and you want to learn more, a Southborough family is hosting a meet-and-greet for him at their home on Thursday. More details follow:

Dear Southborough Friends and Neighbors,

We are writing to invite you to come our home on Thursday September 2, 2010 (from 7:30 PM to 8: 30 PM) for a one hour “Meet and Greet” with Michael Stopa, a candidate for the Massachusetts Congressional 3rd District Republican nomination, who seeking to unseat Rep. James McGovern this November. The primary election is on September 14th, and it will set the stage for the one of the most important elections in the history of our country.

This is a first for us. Although we both vote regularly and follow the issues, we have never worked or supported any political candidate for public office. We aren’t even Republicans. We are registered Independents. But, like us, there are many people who are very concerned with the insane direction of this country, including the trillion dollar annual, unsustainable federal deficits and massive federal debt that is killing the economy and leading us into financial oblivion. Many of us are also deeply concerned about our slide into a big government, welfare state which seeks to control every aspect of our lives. What kind of country will we be leaving the next generation? That is what is at stake here. This election will probably have a major, and possibly permanent, effect on the future course of our country. Knowing this, and the impact it will have on all of us, especially our kids and grand kids, we cannot sit back this time and do nothing.

So, if you are planning to vote in the primary election on September 14th, and are looking for a viable candidate who is a fiscal conservative, first-time, non-politician,   committed to turning things around, we invite you to drop by our home at 29 Constitution Dr., Southborough (508-480-8253) on Thursday, September 2nd from 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM to meet Michael, and judge for yourself. We think you’ll be impressed. So we know how many to plan for, we’d appreciate it if you emailed us to let us know if you’ll be there. But in any event, we’d still love you to come by for the hour.

Susan and Robert Gaines
29 Constitution Dr.
Southborough, MA 01772

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