PHOTO: Fox in a tight spot

My Southborough reader Pat Quill was walking her dog this morning when she came across a most unusual sight:

Perhaps on the hunt for water, this poor fox got stuck in a storm drain. Pat called the police and animal control who freed the little guy.

Thanks to Pat for sending in the photo!

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Seymour Goode
12 years ago

So grateful that the little critter was freed. And grateful too that your Reader was there to spot the need for help! Goodness, love and kindness can do wonders for this world we share!

Sue G
12 years ago

Pat!!! You are a hero! Great picture, too.

Dick Chase
12 years ago

I saw a fox hunting field mice in the new St. Marks meadows Thursday morning. I wonder if it was the same one?

Pat Quill
12 years ago

I have to give credit to my neighbors who also called Animal Control and Southboro
Police to free the little guy (it takes a village!). A boy waiting for the school bus spotted the fox and told a neighbor who was passing by walking her dogs. Between several of us dog walkers that morning, calls were made to Animal Control. Thank you to Animal Control who responded despite the early morning calls !

carrie alpert
12 years ago

another resident thanking all who were involved rescuing the fox; you are right Pat that it does indeed take a village! a small situation like this reminds me of why i love living in this town.

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