Middle Road man confronts intruder in his home

From today’s Metrowest Daily News:

A Middle Road resident came home from an errand yesterday morning to a surprise – a stranger inside his house.

“I was gone for about 20 minutes, so he must have been in there only for a few moments,” Francis Bousquet, 82, said yesterday. “Nothing in my house was touched except for a little cupboard in my bedroom.”

Bousquet, a retired attorney, said the man drove off toward Rte. 9 in a late-model blue pickup truck.

Town records show Mr. Bousquet’s home is on the side of Middle Road north of Route 9. In August Southborough Police warned residents to be on the lookout for burglars after a different break-in on Middle Road. That article didn’t say whether the house was on the north or south side of Route 9.

Also in August a rash of car break-ins hit the Parmenter and Pine Hill Road area.

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